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The Real Gilligan's Island is a wikipedia:reality television series that aired two seasons on TBS in 2004 and 2005. Contestants on the show were required to participate in challenges based on plots from the 1960s television show. Both editions of the show were recorded in the Mexican Caribbean on a location South from Cancun. Pop-Punk group wikipedia:Bowling for Soup covered the original Gilligan's Island theme for the show and the show also featured music from the wikipedia:Music Producer and wikipedia:Songwriter wikipedia:Brett Epstein.

Combination format[edit]

The format of the show was a combination of CBS's Survivor and the original show from the 1960s. Contestants were divided into two teams of seven to start the show. Each team was composed of members that were expected to dress and act like their Gilligan's Island counterpart. Characters used were:

Contestants were picked partly for their real-life resemblance to their characters—real-life millionaires, actresses, and boat owners played their counterparts.

Competitions of characters and teams[edit]

Initial round: paired competitions[edit]

In the first round, the teams would participate in a series of competitions that would pit one team's character against the other's (Team A's "Ginger" against Team B's "Ginger," for example) for the right to stay on the island and compete in the second phase of the show. The competitions were set up by having members from the teams venture to "Voodoo Village" to retrieve a chest that, when opened, would reveal a voodoo doll crudely done up to look like a character. The two contestants portraying that character would then compete.

Final round: prizes, immunity, and alliances[edit]

Once the seven finalists were set, the show became very similar to Survivor. Contestants first competed in a challenge for a prize and a chance at immunity from the day's voting. Alliances and strategy was common. The contestants would then all travel to Voodoo Village and engage in a voting ceremony.

Final challenge[edit]

Once only three contestants were left, the show wrapped up with a challenge pitting the remaining players against each other. The first season was won by the Millionaire (Glenn Stearns). The second season was won by the Skipper ("Crazy" Charlie Albert).

Notable contestants[edit]

The "Ginger" role was filled by professional actresses. In 2004, Nicole Eggert and Rachel Hunter competed. In 2005, Erika Eleniak and Angie Everhart competed.

In 2004, actress and television personality Mindy Burbano Stearns filled the role of "the Millionaire's Wife" along with her husband, Glenn Stearns, as "the Millionaire".

The game[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Episode Titles Challenges Eliminated Vote
Reward Immunity
Episode 1 Green Team Skipper Bob1 None 2
Gold Team Professor Eric
Episode 2 Gold Team Mary Ann Amanda
Gold Team Millionaires Donna and Bill
Episode 3 Gold Team Ginger Nicole
Gold Team Gilligan Gooner
Episode 4 Mary Ann Kate
Gilligan Chris
Millionaire Mindy Professor Pat 4-3
Mary Ann Kate
Gilligan Chris
Millionaire Glenn Ginger Rachel 3-2-1
Finale All Millionaire Mindy Skipper Jim 3-2
None Mary Ann Kate Gilligan Chris 2-1-1
Millionaire Glenn 3 Millionaire Mindy
Mary Ann Kate

^1 Skipper Bob was forced to leave the game due to medical reasons.

^2 During the team portion, there were no votes cast.

^3 Instead of voting, the Final 3 castaways participated in a final rescue challenge, where the challenge winner would win the game.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Titles Challenges Eliminated Vote
Reward Immunity
Episode 1 Green Team Green Team Skipper Ken None 2
None Ginger Angie 4
Orange Team Millionaire Howie
Episode 2 Green Team Miss Millionaire Donna
Orange Team Professor Andy
Green Team Mary Ann Mandy
Orange Team Gilligan Zac
Episode 3 Miss Millionaire Melissa
Gilligan Shawn
Skipper Charlie Millionaire Jim 4-3
Gilligan Shawn
Skipper Charlie
Ginger Erika
Ginger Erika Miss Millionaire Melissa 4-2
Finale Skipper Charlie Skipper Charlie Mary Ann Randi 4-1
None Gilligan Shawn Professor Tiy-E 2-2
Skipper Charlie 3 Gilligan Shawn
Ginger Erika

^4 Ginger Angie was forced to leave the game because of medical reasons. Therefore, there did not need to be a head-to-head for the Gingers.

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